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The Life of a Duck at the Stonehaven Farm

I love ducks.  They are sweet and friendly birds, and they lead a very good life here. Ducks can come to the farm one of two ways:  they can fly in from the Sand Hill Preservation Center in Iowa – they catch the plane in the afternoon and are delivered express mail to the farm […]

Spring at Stonehaven Farm — Shearing

Shearing is the big event of the Spring at the Stonehaven Farm.  By early May the sheep look like big balls of fluff their wool is so long.  Max can barely see around his horns and through his bangs. (Picture: Stonehaven Max – Before Shearing) Kevin Ford, the premier blade shearer in the country, shears […]

New Lambs January 18, 2012

Welcome to the Stonehaven Farm blog. Many of our Farm Stay guests have asked to keep up to date with what’s happening on the farm. This blog is intended to do that and also to reach our Facebook friends and their friends. I’ll post lots of pictures too so you can see what’s happening. Winter […]